Chemical Bank

New Development Proposed.... Approved!


At the DDA Meeting on Wednesday, September 21st 2005, representatives from Chemicl Bank presented their revised plans for consideration by the Corunna Downtown Development Authority.

These revised plans include the complete demolition of the Perry Building and construction of a new building on the site. Previous plans called for the renovation of the existing Perry Building. The revised plans will center a new structure on the siate, with setback from the sidewalk allowing for green space, a drive-around, and improved traffic visability. The new plans place the drive-through bays on the back (East) side of the building.

The DDA approved the development proposal. Currently, the DDA has a purchase agreement on the property with Shiawassee County, contingent upon a DDA sale to Chemical Bank. The DDA has secured a $450,000 interest free loan with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation for the purchase of the parcel along with the purchase of the Hoschner Building to the East of the parcel. 

County offices will be re-located to the Hoschner building on a lease to own agreement with the DDA. 

A Purchase Agreement will soon be executed between the Corunna DDA and Chemical Bank. This agreement will provide for the development of a new parking lot East of the county jail to help accomodate parking spaces lost by the county to make way for the bank development.

Chemical Bank's proposed development will also be required to have Site Plan Approval from the Corunna Planning Commission as well as ZBA Approval of the drive-through bays.

Click Here for a High Quality PDF file of the Conceptual Design.

Click Here for a High Quality PDF file of the Proposed Site Plan.