North Shiawassee Street traffic during the dam removal, river restoration and river access project.

Like in Shiatown, the vast majority of the stream work will be performed from inside the river banks. Equipment and materials staging areas are off Brady Street. The contractor will need to cross Shiawassee Street with the timbers (toe wood) at some point. The toe wood was one of the last things they did in Shiatown (just last week). We should have plenty of notice on this, and the impact may be minor. We will request they try to avoid the school busing hours.

The sidewalk installation and parking lot work will create some interruptions also, but that work will likely not be done until the spring of 2020.

We have not yet held a pre-construction meeting with the contractors. Hopefully this will occur in the next week or so. We believe the actual removal work will begin the first week of September. The contractor will be clearing out more of the debris in the spillway this week or next.


If you are looking for information on renting one of the pavilions, gazebos or even the community center, please call Gabie (Monday & Tuesday) or Lisa (Wednesday & Thursday) from 8:30am til 4:30pm at the Corunna Police Department at 989-743-6170 for availability and pricing.

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