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City Sidewalks Print E-mail
Written by City of Corunna   

Lots of Sidewalk Work in progress in the City of Corunna!


The City of Corunna has nearly 11.5 Miles of City City Sidewalks with a replacement value/cost of approximately One Million Two Hundred Thousand Dollars! Many of our sidewalks have fallen into disrepair over the years. The cost to replaceme sidewalks with related expenses would be nearly $40,000 per year in todays dollars if scheduled for a 30 year rotation.


Although a large amont of sidewalk work was being conducted in conjunction with complete street reconstruction projects, those outside of major reconstruction areas were badly neglected. Past budget athorization allowed for only $5,000-$10,000 per year of work, explaining why over the years they were simply wearing out at a significantly faster pace than replacement work underway.


In 2004, a sidewalk replacement program was initiated to reverse this trend.

A complete inventory and condition rating was conducted on our sidewalks, with the following pre-program results:

 July 1, 2004 Condition Rating   Condition  
  Excellent Good Fair Poor All
 L.F. of Sidewalk 16,664 22,447 15,890 5,085 60,086
 Miles of Sidewalk 3.16 4.25 3.01 0.96 11.38
  27.73% 37.36% 26.45% 08.46% 100%

The first year of the program was comprised of a $40,000 replacement project in neglected areas. Our sidewalk ordinance was revised so as the City assumes 50% of the cost of replacing 4' wide sidewalks, and pays 100% of any additional cost to widen sidewalks beyond a 4' width, alley crossings, alley approaches, and street approaches. The policy was also revised allowing property owners five years to pay their assessment. (Please note that many if not most other communities around the state require property owners to pay the full cost of sidewalk replacement).


After the 2004 construction project, following is the post-program results:

 July 1, 2005 Condition Rating   Condition  
  Excellent Good Fair Poor All
 L.F. of Sidewalk19,36921,85615,1693,704 60,098
 Miles of Sidewalk3.674.142.87 0.70 11.38
 32.23%36.37%25.24% 06.16% 100%

Currently our 2005 project is underway!!

As you drive around town, you may see several private projects underway by the same contractors doing the city project. These projects are private arangements between the contractor and property owner. The city is pleased to see private property improvements and investment, and that many homeowners are able to receive reduced pricing as a result of contractor availability and work scope. The city contract is based on a square foot price, and is not adversly effected by quantities of materials used, materials prices and/or contractor labor needs.

The 2004/2005 contract was awarded to Randy's Custom Concrete. As well as being a City of Corunna based business, the business owner, Randy Dorff, is a resident and property owner in the City of Corunna. Randy's Custom Concrete can be contacted at (989) 743-5440

Randy Dorff (Right) and Crew
 July 1, 2006 Condition Rating   Condition  
  Excellent Good Fair Poor All
 L.F. of Sidewalk21,62621,42214,3902,863 60,301
 Miles of Sidewalk4.104.062.73 0.54 11.42
 35.90%35.55%23.91% 04.73% 100%

 July 1, 2007 Condition Rating   Condition  
  Excellent Good Fair Poor All
 L.F. of Sidewalk23,83320,85213,0502,566 60,301
 Miles of Sidewalk4.513.952.47 0.49 11.42
 39.52%34.58%21.64% 04.26% 100%

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 02 January 2007 )


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