Elections - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine if I'm registered to vote?
Visit the Publius Voter Guide of the Michigan Voter Information Center and enter the requested information to determine whether of not you are registered to vote. You can also call Corunna City Hall at (989) 743-3650 and we can look it up for you. 

How can I register to vote
Simply ask to register to vote at any one of the following location:
- City Clerks Office, 402 N. Shiawassee Street, Corunna
- Shiawassee County Clerk's Office, 208 N. Shiawassee Street, Corunna
- Any Secretary of State Branch
- Any Department of Human Services office
- Any Department of Community Health office
- Any Department of Career Development office
- Any military recuitment center

Note: You must be registered to vote at least 15 days prior to the election or register to vote at least 14 days in person prior to the election.  You may also register to vote on election day in the Clerk's Office. 

Where do I vote
The City of Corunna only has one precinct located at 457 Emma Drive, Corunna.  Your Voter ID Card will provide the location of your polling place as well.  If you have lost your Voter ID Card this information can be obtained by visiting the Publius Voter Guide, the Michigan Voter Information Center, or by calling the Corunna City Hall Clerk's Office at (989) 743-3650

How do I reguest an Absent Voter Ballot
If you are a voter registered in the City of Corunna simply call the Clerk's Office at (989) 743-3650 and request an application.  Complete and sign the application, return it to the Clerk's Office and a ballot will be sent to you. 


Print and complete an Absentee Ballot Application form and mail to:
Corunna City Clerk Office, 402 N. Shiawassee Street, Corunna, MI 48817
and a ballot will be mailed to you.

Absentee Ballots can be mailed up to 4:00 p.m. the Friday before the Elction or can be picked up in the Clerks Office up to 4:00 p.m. Monday before the Election.  The Clerks Office is also opened the Saturday before the election from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to receive or to issue Absentee Ballots. 

If you will be out of town and need your ballot sent to a location other than your registered address please make sure to provide the address where the ballot should be mailed. BALLOTS CANNOT BE FORWARDED even if you have a forward order in place, State Law requires they be mailed directly to the recipient.  

For further general information on voting, to view a sample of the ballot. or to obtain information on candidates or ballot questions please visit the Michigan Voter Information Center.