Operation Joint Endeavor '95-'96

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Our City Manager, then Captain Joe Sawyer, was part of Operation Joint Endeavor (aka the Bosnia Peace Keeping Mission) back in 1995-1996.  A Shiawassee County Commissioner at the time, he was called to active duty and deployed with the 210th Military Police out of Taylor, Michigan (Higher headquarters to the 144th Military Police Company in Owosso - Soon to be Corunna).

 oje       oje

Left Photo - Operation Joint Endeavor was a NATO International Peace Keeping Mission. (Click Image for more Information)

Right Photo - Although deployed to Germany to backfill for active duty military police deployed to Bosnia, Captain Sawyer was sent "down range" to Taszar, Hungary.  Taszar was the location for the forward command post for the  United States Army Europe, under which the Peace Keeping Mission was being run. (Click Image Above for More Information on Operation Joint Endeavor)

taszar colbert          oje s

Left Photo - Sawyer worked under LTC Lee Colbert (standing next to Sawyer), in the Office of the Porvost Marshall.  Taszar was formerly a Soviet Air Base. 

Right Photo - Taszar Air Base (Click photo for more information).

In January, 2006, Sawyer received an unexpected email from LTC Lee Colbert (now retired from active duty and working for the U.S. Marshall Service).  Colbert tracked down Sawyer from Corunna's Web Site on the World Wide Web.

taszar blackwell     taszar lucas

Pictured in the photo on the left is Major Tom Blackwell (in Germany now - planning to retire this summer). Pictured in the photo on the right is SSG Gene Lucas (retired as an E-7 a few years ago - now a fraud investigator & private detective).

hungary     crotia

Left Photo - Postcard of Hungary (Click to Visit!)

Right Photo - It was ten years ago, March 1996, that Sawyer landed in Taszar for the mission.  Pictured in the photo on the right is Major Tom Blackwell, SSG Gene Lucas with Captain Sawyer.

taszar comand     taszar migs

                         Comand tent under camo nets left.       Soviet Migs rights.

taszar mess     taszar mainstreet

                      Left - Taszar Mess tent.                           Right - Taszar Main Street USA.  

taszar knollenberg     knollenberg

Left Photo - Congressman Joe Knollenberg with Sawyer and troops from his congressional district.  Sawyer was often assigned to escort dignitaries during the mission.

Right Photo - Knollenberg in discussion with the troops.

taszar acypl     hungary

Left photo of escort with the American Council of Young Political Leaders. (Left to Right; Idaho State Representative Daniel Mader, Maine State Senator Dana Hanley, escort Sawyer, Huston Texas Councilman Orlando Sanchez, Tukwila Washington City Attorney Linda Cohen.  Right photo is of Sawyer in an armored hummer.

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