Alcohol Fuel Project - 1984

Mott Community College - Alcohol Fuels Project - 1984

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Pictured above is the Mott Alcohol Fuels Project 1984 potato fuel alcohol distillery. 
Strapped to the front of it,  is a small garden tractor that ran on the fuel alcohol.
Potatos were grown and harvested at Mott Farm,  and the distillery was maintained
at the Flint downtown campus of Mott Community College in the science lab.

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Pictured above is the Mott Alcohol Fuels Project "Traveling Road Show".
The group would travel to county fairs to demonstrate the technology to farmers.
Corunna High School Senior Joe Sawyer is seen standing atop the distillery.

Corunna High School Early Involvement in Alcohol Fuels:
Joe became involved in the project in the summer of 1984, before starting his senior year at Corunna High School.  His application was submitted by chemistry/physics instructor Rob Johnson with recommendation from principal Duane Ash.  The project involved a good deal of lab and course work, continueing into Joe's senior year at CHS.
Pictured above is Joe's Mott transcript for 2 semester credits earned in "Alcohol Fuels".

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The Mott Community College Alcohol Fuels Project was sponsored by:
United States Department of Energy - The Academy of Applied Science
The Office of Army Research - Michigan Department of Agriculture
Genessee County Parks & Recreation - Mott Farm - Michigan Youth Corps
Flint Public Schools - Michigan Potato Industries Commission - A.C. Spark Plug
Jack Mali Potato Company - Spud Pac Incorporated
Potato Services Incorporated - Styma Potato Farms

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