Tower Pics & Info

More Water Tower Pics & Info

We have a hole in our Tower!!!   This "hole" runs from top to bottom straight up the middle of the tower (it's quite a climb!). The tower rises ~105' above ground level. The Corunna Department of Pubic Works has to make the climb about twice a year to change the light bulb in our beacon. We ususllay send Jimmy Hein to do the job!! 

A radio control system connects the operation of the tower with the City of Corunna's Booster Pump Station and the City of Owosso's Water Treatment Plant.

The "stem" of the tower does not contain water. Our tower was built in 1965 by Chicago Bridge and Iron... and is in GREAT condition still today! Water is stored in the 400,000 gallon tank sitting on top of the "stem".  

Why have a water tower??? Water towers provide for a backup water supply in the event of an interruption of supply, increase water pressure within the distribution system, and provide for critical volume demand during a structural fire suppression event.


After ~34 years of continuous operation, the water tower was re-painted inside and out in 1999. The cost of this hi-tech paint job was ~ $225,000. It is being paid for from the Water Fund at a rate of ~ $30,000 per year on a 10 year bond, with a payoff in November of 2009.

Click Here for more about the painting project in the Winter 2000 City Newsletter.

The tank has to be inspected every 5 years. Later this year (2005) our first ever Dive Inspection will be conducted (get out your scuba gear!). Dive inspections are more cost effective and less disruptive than tradditional drain down inspections, but are allowed only once every 10 years. In 2010 a traditional drain down inspection will be performed.

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