Sewer Flow Reductions - 2006

Good News Message on Corunna sewer flows!

To:     Joe Sawyer, City Manager
          City of Corunna
From:   Gary Arnold, P.E.        
            Capital Consultants - Design Works A/E 

Date:   January 5, 2007

Re:  2006 WWTP Flows


I received the email from Gary Burk with the 2006 WWTP flow data and used the data to create the following interesting comparisons. I have attached a copy of our analysis of the historical flow data for your records. 

• Annual precipitation in 2006 was up 42% over 2005. Correspondingly, the average day wastewater flows for the constituent communities reflected the higher precipitation as follows:

     o City of Owosso – up 12.6% over 2005 flows
     o Owosso Township – up 20.67% over 2005 flows
     o Caledonia Township – up 10.38% over 2005 flows
     o City of Corunna – up 11.30% over 2005 flows

• Comparing average day flows for 2006 (with 40.64 inches annual precipitation) and 2004 average day flows (38.47 inches annual precipitation), the following is noted:

     o City of Owosso – down 0.13% over 2004 flows
     o Owosso Township – up 19.00% over 2004 flows
     o Caledonia Township – up 6.40% over 2004 flows
     o City of Corunna – down 10.44% over 2004 flows

Although not definitive, the data indicates that the recently completed sewer lining and extraneous lead removal program has had a significant positive impact, reducing the level of infiltration and inflow entering the City sewer system.

Once the Ferry Street pump station construction is completed and on-line (February 2007), we will be able to further evaluate the effectiveness of the initial sewer rehabilitation program. 

Click a report below for a flow summary (in PDF format).
Waste Water Treatement Plant 2006 Flows

Waste Water Treatement Plant 2005-2006 Flows