Homeowner Sewer Responsibilities

Sewer Line Blocked?

Generally, when your sewer line is blocked, it is the responsibility of the home owner.  The most common cause is tree roots in the homeowner’s service connection.  Blockages can also occur from broken or cracked tiles and displaced joints, as well as sags or dips in the line.  
The City of Corunna has cleaned, inspected and videoed all 18 miles of the City’s sewer mains. From the results of these inspections, the City has performed substantial repairs to our sewer main system.  In many cases, the city may have a record of the condition of your line. All homeowners with clay tile service laterals are encouraged to replace their lines with PVC, and to install an exterior cleanout.

If you suspect that the cause of your blockage is because of the sewer main, you may contact the Corunna Department of Public Works at (989) 743-5040. If the problem is in the city sewer main, the city will correct the problem as soon as possible. If the blockage is within your sewer line, city utilities staff will advise you to contact a sewer service company.