For Our Veterans!

In Recognition of Their Service to Our Nation!!

Under State Statue, muncipality owned cemeteries are required to provide a flag holder and a United States flag for the gravesites of Veterans of the Armed Forces of the Unites States.  The maintenance, upkeep, and replacement of these holders and flags, as well as the display are the responsibility of the grave owner and/or family.

In cooperation, the Corunna VFW Post 4005 and City of Corunna work togther to ensure that our Veterans' graves in Corunna's Pine Tree Cemetery are properly honored by voluntarily maintaining and displaying these holders and flags.

The Corunna VFW Post #4005 provides the personell resources for setting, repairing and replacing holders and flags.  The City of Corunna reimburses the VFW annually for the cost of flag and holder replacements.

The Point of Contact for US Flags and/or Holders is:
Robert E. Evans
Past Post Commander VFW 4005
Past Sghiawassee County Commander
Past 9th District Commander
(517) 625-3816

Donations to help support this effort may be made to:
Corunna VFW Post 4005 
Flags & Holders Support
C/O Robert E. Evans
2493 W. Britton Rd.
Perry, MI  48872

Reference: Public Act Act 63 of 1915
35.381 Flag holders and the United States flags for veteran' graves in cemetery belonging to city, village, or township; petition; expense; purpose.
Sec. 1. The legislative body of a city, village or township in this state, upon the petition of 5 eligible voters of the city, village, or township, shall procure for and furnish to the petitioners, at the expense of the city, village, or township, a suitable flag holder and United States flag for the grave of each veteran who served in the armed forces of the United States and who is buried within the limits of a cemetery belonging to the city, village, or township. The flag holder and United States flag shall be placed on the grave of each veteran for the purpose or marking and designating the grave for memorial purposes.