Welcome to the Corunna Cemetery Board of Trustees



The board meets when called.

The Current Membership is as Follows:

Bill Lulham.............. Chairman
John Austin.............
Bob Volek...............
Gene Sanderson....


Tim Crawford.......... Cemetery Sexton
Director of Public Works

Joe Sawyer............. City Manager

Chuck Kerridge....... Mayor


As adminisistrative officials of the city, the commission is responsible to the City Manager for the performance of their duties.

The cemeteries which have been or may hereafter be established by the city and maintained either within or without the city limits, of which plats have been or shall be filed in the office of the city clerk, shall be under the management, supervision and care of the board.  It shall, if necessary, cause such cemeteries to be laid out in lots, drives and walks; the lots to be numbered, drives and walks therein to be named, and plats thereof to be made.  The board shall fix the price of lots and fees for other services. 

The board shall, from time to time, make such rules and regulations for the burial of the dead, care, improvement and protection of the grounds, mausoleums, monuments and appurtenances of the cemeteries and orderly conduct of persons visiting them, as may be deemed necessary.  The board shall see that this chapter and all rules and regulations in respect to cemeteries are strictly enforced.  The cemetery sexton or his/her designated agent shall cause to be kept a register of all interments made in any city cemetery in which shall appear the name of the deceased, the date and place of interment and such other information as may be required.

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