Scooter Regulations

As these products become more and more affordable,  they are becoming a popular gift for those kids we all love to spoil! 

Parents & Kids Please Beware!

By the laws of the State of Michigan - they are all treated the same as those covered under moped laws. 

Unless licensed in compliance with the Motor Vehicle Code (MVC) and operating in compliance with the Uniform Traffic Code (UTC), they can only be ridden on "PRIVATE PROPERTY". They are NOT allowed on sidewalks and roadways!

General Licensing Guidelines:

- "Motor Vehicle" means every vehicle that is self-propelled.

- "Moped" means a 2 or 3 wheeled vehicle which is equipped with a motor that does not exceed 50 cubic centimeters piston displacement, produces 2.0 brake horsepower or less, and cannot propel the vehicle at a speed greater than 30 miles per hour on a level surface.

- A certificate of title need not be obtained for a moped.

- Shall have permanently affixed to its frame a manufacturer's identification number. (VIN)

- Registration required by Secretary of State. A decal indicating certificate of registration is in full force and effect shall be affixed to rear bumper.

- Exempt from Insurance Requirements.

- Operators must be either 15 years of age with a special moped license, or have a valid operators/chauffeurs license.

- Subject to all rights and duties applicable to a driver of a vehicle for use on roadway.

- Shall not be ridden other than upon and astride a permanent and regular seat attached to that vehicle.

- A moped shall not be used to carry more than 1 person at a time.

- A mobed or its passenger shall not attach him/herself to any other vehicle.

- Must drive as near to the right side of the roadway as practicable, and not more than 2 abreast.

- No passing between lines of traffic. May pass on left of vehicles moving in same direction and on right on a one way street.

- Shall NOT operate on a sidewalk.

- Shall have BOTH HANDS on handlebars.

- HANDLEBARr height shall be 15 inches from top of seat.

- Mopeds are NOT allowed to operate on a bike path.

- A HEAD LAMP is required, not lower than 24 inches or higher than 54 inches.

- A STOP LIGHT is required.

- Both FRONT and REAR Brakes are required.

- A HORN is required.

- A Muffler or Reasonator EXHAUST is required.

- For Passengers under the age of 19, a an approved MOTORCYCLE CRASH HELMET is required.

- A Rearview MIRROR is required.