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Waterball Fun!

Contributed by Todd andrews



The Corunna Caledonia Fire Department is currently planning a waterball contest for July 4th in Hugh Mcurdy park.If your fire department is interested in placing a team into this event or you're on a department and would like to play please email me at ( get signed up by the 19th of June 2006.This will allow us to set up the competition sheets in a professional manner.There will be a $30.00 dollar charge to play per team or $10.00 per person. The entrance fee will help cover equipment and water used during the event. Waterball will start at 14:00 (2:00pm).All competitors should arrive at least 30mins proir to the event.Please send money to C.C.F.D 402 N. Shiawassee St. Corunna,Mi 48817 Attn:waterball Make checks payable to Corunna Caledonia Fire Department. There will be trophies for 1st,2nd,and 3rd place. If unable to play let us know in writting by June 26th and we will refund your money. We will contact anyone signed up for this if there is a cancellation of this event. Please join us and let's all have a good time getting wet.Hope to here from you soon Todd Andrews

New Truck!!

The Corunna-Caledonia Fire Board has approved the purchase of a brand new 75 ft. Quint Aerial truck.
Below is the one of the trucks slated for replacement--1967 American Lafrance.  This picture was taken at the Capital Bowl Fire.
More Information Coming Soon - We are training our firefighters on how to create their own web pages!

1967 American Lafrance Areial ladder truck Print E-mail
Contributed by Todd andrews
The Corunna Caledonia Fire Department has the following truck up for bid. 1967 American Lafrance areial ladder. All ground ladders on truck go with the truck. No hose will be sold. the truck has no pump and no water tank. the truck is powered by a 6 cyl cummings engine. This truck cannot be recertified for use for a areial.The Corunna Caledonia Fire Board has the right to except and reject any and all bids. For more information call 989-743-6479 and leave a message. This truck should be ready for pick up after the 1st of September. please send your bid to the address listed below attn: areial bid

Corunna Caledonia Fire Dept
402 n. Shiawassee St.
Corunna,Mi 48817

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