General Information

Welcome to the Corunna Historical Village of Shiawassee County.


     Imagine being able to go back in time to see what it was like 100 years ago.  Take a step into the Corunna Historical Village of Shiawassee County.  Stroll  along the boardwalk, relax and enjoy the gardens, and wonder what history these  buildings have witnessed over the years.
     Thanks to the efforts of two organizations, the Corunna Historical Commission and the Shiawassee County Historical Society, this village became a reality in 1990.  The land was purchased from the Shiawassee County Agricultural Society with a state grant. The village is owned by the City of Corunna. It is maintained and operated by the Corunna Historical Commission whose membership is open to people throughout Shiawassee County.  Restoring and preserving these historical buildings will go on for many years to come.
The village is open the afternoon of July 4th, 
and the first two weekends in December.
Guided Tours Available
Margaret Waters (989-) 723-1204 $3.00/person
No Parking inside the Village