Industrial Development

Building for Tomorrow!

The Corunna City Council has made a firm committment to foster economic growth and industrial development in our fair city.  Jobs and tax base go hand-in-hand in creating the quality of life our residents desire and deserve.

The donation of the Strawsine Industrial Complex to the City of Corunna for Economic Development Purposes plays a key role to the success of this vision.
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In Support of our current and future industrial investors, the Corunna City Council has adopted a policy for Industrial Facilities Tax (IFT) Abatement Guidelines.
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          Wright Industrial Park                

Public infrastructure needs for the nearly 200 acres of Parmenter Road industrial lands include sanitary sewer extension,  potable water loop extensions (with booster pump station),  Parmenter Road upgrades (to include rail crossing),  Wright Industrial Park Build-Out (to include storm sewer),  and sanitary sewer lift station upgrades (Brady Street Pump Station).  These public improvements are estimated to cost nearly 5 million dollars.

The City of Corunna has been evaluating these needs for several years in an effort to establish cost estimates and finance options.  Finance options include a combination of federal,  state and local resources with developer participation.

These public infrastructure improvements do not include any on-site infrastrure development needs or well field development for the proposed ethanol plant site.  All private costs are projected to be the full responsiblity of the developer. 

Click Here for our preliminary public improvement finance plan (March 2007) in PDF format.